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We build faster, smarter, secure Ai solutions for what's next.


Fostering Ai for Better.

ADAiD is an Ai driven startup providing state-of-art solutions across major business verticals  for accelerating digital transformations. At ADAiD, we offer AI and Data solutions that are scalable and cost effective to build enterprise-scale AI applications more efficiently than alternative approaches.

ADAID's Artificial Intelligence Consultants deliver the highest caliber of

Data & AI advice, resources, and outcomes to help your organization achieve

target business results.

Leverage data with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science to understand potential growth, improve productivity, and fuel innovation.

  • Agile delivery for maximum business flexibility

  • Priority high ROI, short time-to-value

  • Leverage high value, low development opportunity

  • Proof of Concept (POC) to prove value and build confidence

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Meet The Team


CEO & Co-Founder

Devops Specialist 

Azure Devops Certified and expert in automating the entire DevOps pipeline, including CI/CD cycles, app performance monitoring, infrastructure and configurations.


COO & Founder

AI & Data Enthusiasist

AWS Specialist Certified and Experienced ML-Data Engineer with 8+ years rich expertise in Data Consulting Strategies, ML,Data Engineering and Project Management.

Let Your Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

Businesses generate tons of data on a daily (and even hourly) basis, but only the collection of those huge sets of information cannot give enough understanding or opportunity for growth and company development. Analyzing, interpreting, turning the existing data into actionable analytics and deriving insights, are the key activities, which give numerous benefits to the business entities. Our Clients benefit from our well-informed, data-driven and customized decision-making process. 

Cloud Analytics Modernization & Data Lake Solutions

ADAiD helps clients build the most secure, scalable, comprehensive, and cost-effective portfolio of services that enable customers to build their data lake in the cloud, analyze all their data, including data from IoT devices with a variety of analytical approaches including machine learning. As a result, there are more organizations running their data lakes and analytics on AWS than anywhere else.

Data Science Acceleration

ADAiD's Ai/ML Solutions powers automated predictions on dataset via automation workbench to empower citizen data scientists and reuse modules that make data scientists more productive. It leverages open-source technologies in a cloud environment to create a user friendly workflow

Edge Computing

In order to differentiate and gain competitive advantage, key industrial players are beginning to expect faster computing capabilities, interoperability, compute flexibility, and dialed-up operational efficiency. Moving outside the comfort of the data center or cloud introduces significant opportunities for edge data capture and computation


ADAiD offers DevOps as a service that enables you to adopt the DevOps principles to improve the reliability of delivery while reducing the deployment time from weeks to hours

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability with ADAiD's ML-Ops 

Adaid's Ai, ML-Ops & Devops

ADAiD's MLOps Solutions provides data scientists and developers with an end-to-end ML Ops workflow to rapidly develop, test, and operationalize AI / ML algorithms across the enterprise. Data scientists and developers can promote trained models to production with ease, scale-out up to millions of ML model deployments, test competing modeling strategies, while leveraging continuous analytics processing, auto-training, and model performance monitoring.

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